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Some tips for increasing the odds of winning Euromillions


Want to bet on the outcome of Euromillions? If so, we recommend you have a look at  this guide to Euromillions. From a critical point of view, all lotteries, scratch cards and betting are in no form a good investment, as it’s more likely to be struck by lightning than winning a huge prize with a single bet. However, the search for magic isn’t lost with people and the simple quest of hitting the jackpot has millions of people putting their lucky numbers to the test. 


So what is the probability of winning the first prize? It is at 0.0000007% which isn’t that high. You can analyze and try to predict the outcome of any lottery, but in reality the only guarantee you can have is to purchase all the thousands of combinations the lottery has in order to secure a win. This option isn’t feasible for most of the population, so the dream of one day hitting the first prize keeps the players coming back. 


Now, in this article we will be talking about the options you have in choosing your numbers, guide you through hot and cold numbers and provide you with a few tips. Keep reading to find out more about the Euromillions lottery. 

There are no magic combinations, such as playing only odd or even numbers, repeating winning lines or choosing lines that have not yet come out. All combinations are equally likely to be drawn.

These tips take into account two aspects: 1) the prize, because it represents the value to be distributed; and 2) dividing such prize with the least number of people possible. It is the only way to increase the odds of earning more but at the same time spending the same amount of money on your bet.


You can also increase your odds by joining up with three friends to create a syndicate. A syndicate is made up of a group of people putting their money in a pot to buy more tickets and hence increasing their chances of hitting the big win. Of course it is important that there is a great deal of trust between all members of the group, or else try joining a syndicate online or offline.

You can also choose to bet only when the jackpot has a high value. As the cost of the bet does not change, but the expected return increases. However do keep in mind that high jackpots attract more bettors, and thus increase the likelihood of prizes being split.

Take a chance on 'unpopular' numbers. All the numbers have the same chance of being drawn. However, the fewer people play them, the less the prize amount you have to split.

A common practice among gamblers when they bet on the outcome of Euromillions online is to use dates. Now, since the days of the month do not go beyond 31 and the months are only 12, there is a tendency for play lines to contain numbers up to 30. A good strategy would be to go for numbers above 30 as there is less of a chance someone has already chosen them, meaning that if you do win, you would have to share the prize with less people. 

There are also those who like to repeat winning lines from previous draws. This is why it is important to create a random line. Most people, when not following a logic like a date, will try to randomly scatter numbers and create patterns. One of these tactics is choosing a single number on each line, not choosing adjacent numbers or making diagonal lines.

It is very important to also place bets online on trusted sites who have a licence granted by a respectable commission such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It addresses concerns about the safety of the operator and prevents you from forgetting to claim your prize as when you win, the prize will be automatically assigned to your account.


As we said before, betting on the outcome of a lottery is not a way to get rich quickly even though it does sometimes happen and there are plenty of stories out there of people who have done such a thing. If you accept the odds are normally stacked against you, as in any other form of betting, then you are in for a little bit of excitement. That feeling after you choose your numbers and wait for the draw to see if you matched those lucky numbers should be the feeling you are playing for. Good luck! 

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