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Spain's EI Gordo Christmas Lottery, The Richest in the World

Christmas is that time of the year where many individuals are extra excited, giddy, and hopeful for the coming days. With homes preparing their decorations and stores and public areas doing their share in installing lights and colorful decorations, it’s not surprising to know that people love the days leading up to Christmas. But for Spaniards, this season is not just about the colorful lights display, the food, and communal celebrations. It’s also about a popular lottery that’s described as one of the biggest and most lucrative prizes to be won. This lottery game is called ‘El Gordo Christmas Lottery’ and it drives players and lotto enthusiasts mad and happy leading to Christmas. Every year at Christmas, lotto players and enthusiasts from this European country go lottery-mad and line up for hours just to purchase tickets. 


So what makes this lottery game special? Let’s take a look at the reasons why ‘El Gordo’ is the most anticipated and well-loved lottery game in Spain. 


El Gordo Navidad - A Colorful Cultural Tradition

To help us understand the popularity of the game, we should take a look at its colorful history. As a lottery game, the El Gordo Christmas lottery is one of the oldest in the world and one with cultural significance. Also known as El Gordo Navidad, this lottery is hosted every year during the yuletide season. Historical records show that the first lottery draw happened in December 1812 in Cadiz. In 1814, the lottery draw was held in the city of Madrid for the first time and it soon became the host for succeeding Spanish National Lottery draws.


The manner of announcing the winning numbers is as colorful as its history. Compared to traditional lottery draws were numbers are formally announced or written, the El Gordo draw follows a novel tradition. Every Christmas at the Loteria Nacional Hall of Madrid, the students from San Ildefonso School assume the responsibilities of running the show. They are the ones who are tasked to draw the winning numbers and sing these aloud to the general public. It’s a special way of drawing and announcing the lottery numbers thus creating a unique tradition for many Spaniards. And since the draw happens every Christmas with the involvement of school children, El Gordo has become an important cultural tradition.


Spaniards Going Mad for It

But more than the tradition, it’s the appeal of massive prizes that keep Spaniards excited and mad about the tickets. Although there are other lottery games available like the Bonoloto Spanish National Lottery, enthusiasts save up and line up for hours just to participate in the games.


You may be wondering about the jackpot. How does this lottery compare with other popular lotteries in the world like Powerball in the United States and Canada Lotto?


Well, when it comes to prizes and the jackpot that can be won, El Gordo means business.


The Prizes

If the best prizes and jackpots matter to you, then El Gordo from Spain is the best lottery to play. The highest prize that you can win in the draw is €4 million! This is on top of the other consolation prizes that can be won in the game. In 2018 alone, lotto enthusiasts in Spain went into a frenzy and they queued for hours just to purchase tickets for the popular lottery game. According to estimates, the total prize package last year was €2.38 billion with the ‘fat one’ worth €680 million to be shared by the winning players. By computation, each winning ticket earns a top prize of €400,000 per decimo. During this time, more than 170 million decimos were put on sale. But this was never a concern for the players. El Gordo Christmas lottery is one of the best-paying lotteries around which offers players an impressive 1:100,000 chances of winning the jackpot.


Buy Christmas Lottery on Multilotto

You don’t need to line up for hours and brave the crowds just to enjoy a Christmas-themed lottery. At Multilotto, you can also celebrate the spirit of Christmas and play for the lotto jackpots most flexibly and conveniently. Aside from its popular lotto games like Mega Millions and results and statistics, Multilotto also offers a Christmas Lottery, a special game that you can only play this season. Available in regular and boost jackpot, this lotto game is designed to offer the same thrills and feels to players like you. 


Check out the rules of the Christmas Lottery below.


Basic rules

As a new player, you can bet on the outcome of this Christmas Lottery on Multilotto.com. So how many numbers do you have to have to participate in? It comes with basic rules where you need to select 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and a bonus number between 1 and 42. So how to win in this game? You need to match the results of the Spanish National Lottery Bonoloto and the Polish Mini Lotto. To collect the jackpot, your main numbers should be the same as the results of the Bonoloto and the bonus number should be the same as the first digit that will come up in the Polish Mini Lotto.


Crazy €700 million jackpot 

If you purchase a regular ticket, you can play for €10 million. Now, if you boost your ticket, you have the chance to win up to €700 million!


How much does it cost to play?

Tickets start at only €2 and if you want to bet on the outcome of the boosted jackpot, then purchase the ticket worth €6.


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