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Super win at Multilotto, on SuperEnalotto

One lucky player won more than €23,000 on the SuperEnalotto at Multilotto.com! 

It was a great day for one lottery player here at Multilotto. The Finnish player chose his lucky numbers when betting on the outcome of the SuperEnalotto and won €23,700!

“It was quite a surprise when I noticed I had won a small fortune from one simple bet.” said Arto L. from Finland who beat odds of over 1.2 million to win the sum of over €23,000 with his 5 numbers. 

Launched in December 1997, the SuperEnalotto is Italy’s favourite lottery with draws taking place on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Even though it’s a national lottery, the SuperEnalotto is still known to have some of Europe’s largest jackpots rivalling even the Eurojackpot and Euromillions. The current jackpot, worth €181 million, is also the highest jackpot to date! 

At Multilotto players from around the world have the chance to bet on the outcome of the biggest lottery jackpots from around the world from the Powerball and Mega Millions in America to the Euromillions and SuperEnalotto in Europe no matter what their location is.

“We want our players to win and we want them to win big! We are constantly working hard to  improve on providing the best experience for our lotto players and whenever we hear of such news we are truly delighted,” says Christian Hellbjer, CEO at Multilotto. 

Gone are the days of lost tickets, with Multilotto lottery has gone digital and is looking to breaking down borders. Discover more at Multilotto.com! 

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