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Swiss lotto enthusiast collects a €76.000.000 Euromillions jackpot

Euromillions improves hundreds of lives every year with its amazing prizes, and one fortunate punter from Switzerland recently joined this lucky group. The single ticket holder matched all the winning numbers on Friday night to scoop a spectacular €76.000.000 windfall. After their amazing victory, the top prize has been reset to €17.000.000.

Euromillions has been rolling over for almost a month and it didn’t produce a jackpot winner since March 13th, when someone from Portugal took home €61.500.000. One Swiss player stopped the rollover train in its track on Friday night by correctly guessing the combination consisting of the numbers 1, 29, 33, 45 and 47 with Lucky Stars 4 and 8. Two ticket holders, who missed the jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars on April 6th, won €614.000 each. The special UK Millionaire Maker draw produced two winners of a guaranteed £1.000.000 prize – they won this impressive cash reward by matching the codes HBBR 67837 and XBBV 82803.

We’ll probably never know the identity of the lucky €76.000.000 winner, since Swiss punters usually stay anonymous after collecting their prizes. This country produced a total of 17 Euromillions jackpot winners to date, making it the sixth luckiest nation playing this game. The largest Euromillions prize scooped by a resident of Switzerland amounted to €135.000.000. It was collected by a mysterious millionaire from Zurich who matched all the winning numbers back in December last year.

Friday night wasn’t so lucky for lotto aficionados on the other side of the pond, since Mega Millions failed to surprise us by producing a jackpot winner. That could change in the next draw – try your luck with Mega Millions Max to become $555.000.000 richer!

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