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The 6 Most Popular Lotteries in Germany and How to Bet on their Outcome

When it comes to lotteries and lucky draws, there are abundant options in Germany. If you explore, you can get to know about several lottery schemes that are from Germany. Besides that, people from Germany would also like to get lottery tickets from other countries as well to try their luck. If you also have the same thing in mind, then you have come to the right place. In this post, I will make you familiar with the seven most popular lotteries in Germany with their basic rules.


1. Lotto 6aus49

6aus49 has to be the most popular lottery in German. Not only is this lottery pretty easy to play, it is also known for its high rewards. The draw takes place twice a week with its ticket sales closing a while before that.

Draw time: 19:25 every Wednesday and Saturday

Line price: €1 or €2.5 for the boosted jackpot

As the name suggests, players have to pick 6 random numbers while getting their tickets from the range of 1 to 49.

  • The draw would take place twice a week and will select random numbers. You can claim the jackpot if all the 6 numbers are matched in your ticket.
  • You can also get a boosted Jackpot bonus for €2.5, which will simply redouble the amount of the jackpot that you have won.
  • While the base amount of German Lotto is €1 million, it can raise up to €10-20 million as it is progressive in nature.


2. Eurojackpot

Although Eurojackpot was started in 2012, it gained immense popularity in the continent in no time. Today, it is played in almost every European nation with its base jackpot starting from a whopping sum of €10 million.

Draw time: 21:00 local (Finland) timing on every Friday night

Line price: €2.5

  • While getting your ticket, you need to select 5 numbers out of 1 to 50 and two bonus numbers from the set of 1 to 10.
  • If all the 5+2 numbers are matched, then you can claim the jackpot. The probability of that as of now is 1 in 95,344,200.
  • There are a total of 12 different divisions in which you can claim the prize. You can claim the minimum amount if at least 2+1 numbers are matched (chances are 1 in 42).
  • Mostly, the base amount of a Eurojackpot is considered €10 million, but it can climb to up to €90 million.


3. EuroMillions

When we talk about some of the biggest lotteries in Europe, EuroMillions would be one of the first names. While the tickets for EuroMillions can be purchased in different countries, the draw takes place in Paris twice every week.

Draw time: 20:45 CET in Paris every Tuesday and Friday

Line price: €3.50

While getting their tickets, players first need to select 5 numbers from the set of 1 to 50. Additionally, they need to select 2 numbers from 1 to 12 (lucky star numbers).

  • You can get the jackpot if all the 5+2 numbers on your ticket would match with the drawn numbers. Almost 50-42% of the total prize pool is allocated to the jackpot.
  • There are several other categories in which you can claim the amount. To claim the minimum prize, at least 2 standard numbers should be matched.
  • The chances of winning the minimum prize are 1 in 22 while the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 in 139,838,160.


4. Spiel 77

Spiel 77 is a special segment in German Lotto that is not only rewarding but is also pretty fun to play. In this game, we select a 7-digit string that is matched with the winning string and on its basis, different prize categories are drawn.

Draw time: Wednesday and Saturday after 6aus49 results

Line price: €2

  • While selecting their tickets for German Lotto, players can simply opt for Spiel 77 and get their 7-digit string.
  • If all the 7 digits are matched with the winning draw, then the jackpot can be claimed. It has a likelihood of 1 in 85,900,584.
  • You can claim the lowest price if even a single digit of the string is matched, which has a 9% probability.
  • The overall jackpot is not as high as the main lottery (since it is an add-on). Mostly, it can be around 177,777 Euros with a bonus of 100,000 Euros.

5. El Gordo

El Gordo is one of the biggest lotteries in Spain and it literally translates to “The Big One”.  The draw takes place around Christmas and due to its high payout, it has also gained immense popularity in Germany.

Draw time: 22nd December each year

Line price: €2.5

  • Due to its high ticket value, the prize payout of El Gordo is pretty big. For instance, in 2019, the prize value of the lottery was €2.38 billion.
  • Tickets are sold with a loaded code and an existing system. A series of 170 is there in each of the tickets to verify the winning codes.
  • For each 170 series, there are 16 categories having different prize money. It can range from €4 million to €200 in general.



6. Powerball

Last, but not the least, Powerball has also gained widespread popularity in the world and Germany is no such exception. While the lottery takes place in Florida, people from Germany can also bet on its outcome remotely.

Draw time: 10:12 PM CT every Wednesday and Saturday

Line cost: €3.50 or €6 for the boosted jackpot

  • When you get your ticket, you can select 5 random numbers from 1 to 69 and another Powerball number from 1 to 26.
  • To claim the jackpot, you need to match all the 5+1 numbers of the draw (from white and red drums). It has the current probability of only 1 in 292,201,338.
  • There are also several other categories in which you can win a prize for matching 5, 4, 3, or 2 numbers. The chances of winning either of the prizes are 1 in 24.87 in Powerball.
  • The lottery is known for hosting a substantial amount as its jackpot (like having $1.586 billion in its 2016 draw which was claimed).


There you go! Now when you know about not one, but seven different lotteries that are popular in Germany, you can consider trying your luck with them. Even if the lottery is not hosted in Europe or Germany, you can get your lines online from Multilotto. It is a genuine platform to bet on the outcome of all kinds of lotteries from different parts of the world. You can get your lines online, check the results, and easily claim your prize from anywhere you want!




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