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The first winner of 2020 hit €11114.20 on the German Lotto!

Happy New Year everyone, and a big congratulations to Anette R. from Germany that hit a massive €11114.20 win on the German Lotto 6aus49 on the 2nd of January 2020. What a way to start the year, we couldn’t be happier that one of our customers got such an incredible start going into 2020. The German Lotto, or 6aus49 which translates to “6 from 49” is the biggest lottery in Germany. 


Anette R from Germany explains to us what stood out about that faithful 2nd day of the new year saying “I felt that this day was something special when I got up in the morning. I was so extremely happy the whole day.” She continues “when I saw the numbers of the lottery draw in the evening, I thought; Wow, these are all my numbers! I was so full of joy and gratitude and that evening I fell asleep with a very deep feeling of inner peace in me. So far I haven't told anyone about it and I think it will continue to be my secret”.  We can only imagine the rush that comes from hitting just the right combination of numbers, and for Anette, this win is welcomed for many reasons. When speaking with Anette, we wanted to know if she had anything in mind for her winnings and her answer put a smile on all of our faces, she says “Part of the profit will go to open bills. Another part will go towards investing in a new heater for my house because the old heating is out of order.”

On what else she has in store for her winnings Anette has something joyful in mind saying “Then another part of the money will be spent on experiencing and enjoying life in a little more light and easy way.” Being a loyal customer Anette has just one more thing in mind and that is hitting another big win stating “Part of the money will be left in my account so that I can hit the bigger jackpots at Multilotto”.  We are happy to be able to provide international lotteries on our platform, giving our customers from all over the world a chance to bet on the outcome of their favorite lottery, just like Anette. 


To keep up with Multilotto, you can like us on Facebook or download the app we have developed to keep you in the loop. 


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