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This Swedish Multilotto customer won incredible €30396.2 on the Mini Lotto!

It was a great day for this Multilotto customer when he hit the big win on The Polish Mini Lotto. We like to look at the positive impact these wins have on our customers lives and this is definitely one for the books. Islam S. from Knivsta in Sweden tried his lucky numbers on The Polish Mini Lotto and had the lotto fairy on his side as he hit the big win of 30396.2. The first thing we wanted to know was of course how Islam felt when he had won - “It felt incredible and I was extremely happy when I realized I had won” he continues “I am currently studying and would like to finish so I will allocate some of the winnnings to finish my studies”. 

It’s not everyday that something like this happens and it is with pure joy we make the congratulatory calls when they are due. Speaking with our CEO Christian Hellbjer in regards to the bigger wins he points outIt’s not everyday that the opportunity arises to call one of our customers to congratulate them on a big win. Hearing the delightful mix of happy and shock in their voice is a truly special feeling and invites for a great laugh when you have to explain to them that they have indeed hit the big win.

Now, you may wonder what else Islam has in store for his win with Multilotto. When asked what else he plans to do with his winnings, Islam says he wants to re-design his home, and that it’s something that he has been thinking about doing which makes this win even more welcomed. “Of course, I am planning on going for a trip somewhere nice too, but one thing at a time” Islam says in regards to what else he’d like to do with his winnnigs. We ended our call with a happy “Thank you again” from Islam, and a big thank you from us to Islam for being a loyal customer and for chosing us as his online provider for Lotto. 

We could not be happier for Islam and hope for this win to help him achive not only his studies and re-deisgn his house, but maybe even get to go on that trip he has his heart set on. We are always looking for ways to keep our customer experience on top of the chain so that players feel secure and comfortable, with a user-friendly platform and stand-by support. Our aim is to make sure every one of our customers feel they have all the tools needed to enjoy their betting experience. 

To keep up with Multilotto, you can like us on Facebook or download the app we have developed to keep you in the loop. 

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