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Two German punters split Eurojackpot windfall worth €90.000.000

Eurojackpot top prize seemed out of reach in the last couple of months, since this game kept on rolling over and over again. Two players from Germany did the impossible on Friday night. They correctly guessed the winning line and ended up splitting the life-changing windfall worth €90.000.000.

The winning line that led to this amazing victory on July 6th consisted of the main numbers 2, 7, 24, 38 and 45 with bonus balls 5 and 8. They were all matched by two lucky German punters, who come from federal states Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt. The two jackpot winners took home €45.000.000 each, but that wasn’t the only impressive prize won on Friday night. An outstanding number of 24 players collected €1.000.000 each after missing the jackpot by one of the Euro numbers. Once again, Germans were the luckiest of the bunch with a total of 13 second prize winners. Finland came in second, since five players from this country collected €1.000.000. Spain produced two winners, while the rest of them come from Poland, Norway, Italy and Croatia.

Eurojackpot has been rolling over ever since March 23rd, when an anonymous resident of Norway collected €17.460.000. The reason why it didn’t grow even more in the meantime is the fact this game has a jackpot cap of €90.000.000. This is currently the fifth time it was reached, and 2018 is the only year when Eurojackpot offered this record-breaking prize more than once. It also occurred on February 9th, when a single ticket holder from Finland took €90.000.000 home. If that doesn’t sound like enough to make your dreams come true, we’ve got just a game for you. Try your luck with World Cup Billions to snatch more money than you can count!

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