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Ultimate Guide to Euromillions

The EuroMillions lottery is one of the biggest in the world, the shining star in Europe's gambling crown. For just a couple Euros players of this pan-European lottery have a chance of winning up to 190 million!

It's not just the jackpot that impresses, either, as the EuroMillions also has some huge secondary prizes.

To learn more, keep reading.

In this guide, well tell you everything you could ever want to know about this lottery, from tips on how to play EuroMillions and advice on SuperDraws, bonus games, breakdown prizes, and more.

What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a transnational lottery that began way back in 2004. It is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. In fact, based on player numbers and prizes, it is by far the biggest in Europe.

The EuroMillions is managed by state lottery organizers in all 9 eligible countries. There are some minor differences with regards to ticket price and bonus games in these countries, but every player has the same chance of winning and can win the same big jackpot. 

And this is where it gets interesting.

The EuroMillions jackpot is capped at 190 million and has a minimum payout of 17 million. This is much more than any European national lottery and it's a jackpot that's available twice a week.

When is the EuroMillions Draw?

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris, at 20:45 local time. You can see EuroMillions results on Friday and Tuesday at around 11 pm when they are available to vendors and news outlets. 

EuroMillions results are displayed on all major lottery sites and can be confirmed with a EuroMillions checker. This will simply run a check on your chosen numbers and will tell you if you have a winning ticket or not.

The days of lotteries drawing huge television viewing figures are over. You wont see EuroMillions results plastered across news channels or newspapers anymore either. But they are more readily available thanks to the internet.

Just make sure the results youre checking are the official ones and are for the correct date. You wouldnt want to destroy your ticket in disgust only to discover you were looking at the wrong EuroMillions results!

When is the EuroMillions SuperDraw?

If you could choose to win any EuroMillions draw, youd want it to be the SuperDraw. Being a EuroMillions winner isnt unfortunately simply about choice, but if youre going to amp-up your efforts, this is the time to do it.

So what makes the SuperDraw so special?

For one thing, it guarantees a jackpot of at least 9-figures. That means at least 100 million!

But that's not all.

The EuroMillions SuperDraw generates a huge amount of interest and publicity. It creates a mad rush for tickets and pushes the jackpot over that eye-watering 100m sum.

The EuroMillions jackpot is rolled-over if it isnt claimed, with the ticket rush continuing. It only stops increasing when it hits the 190 million maximum. 

Some of the biggest wins in the history of the EuroMillions have resulted from SuperDraw, and as the lottery becomes more popular and more widespread, these draws are becoming more common.

Pay close attention to the latest EuroMillions news to learn about upcoming draws.

How Does the EuroMillions Work?

The EuroMillions, and lotteries like it, can be a little confusing to those who never played them. 

How can a lottery that's available across many European countries still provide support for local communities? How can bonus games be available in some countries and not in others? If tickets are only available through licensed vendors, how are they sold online?

For answers to those questions and more, keep reading.

Firstly, let's focus on availability. The EuroMillions lottery is not owned by a single organization. Instead, it is a coordinated effort run by the major lottery organizations of the eligible countries, such as Camelot in the UK.

These are all state lottery providers and they have been licensed to provide official lottery games. By joining forces to create the EuroMillions, they are simply agreeing to combine all efforts into one big lottery.

And this is very important

It means that if you purchase your EuroMillions lottery ticket in the UK, Camelot benefits and are able to use some of the money to fund initiatives in the UK, just like they do with money from the UK Lotto. The same applies to France if you buy your ticket there.

This is also how bonus games exist. In the case of Camelot, they decided to run an additional game to encourage sales, perhaps because their analytics suggested that doing so would provide them with income large enough to offset the costs.

If you buy your tickets offline, you can only purchase from official vendors within one of the eligible countries. This is why you cant purchase tickets in Greece, for instance, because the Greek lottery organization is not involved, cannot benefit, and is therefore not interested in selling.

Of course, that leaves one important question

Where do online vendors come in?

The exact way that these providers operate will depend on their jurisdiction. Some online vendors are owned/authorized by state lotteries. Others allow you to bet on the outcome” of lotteries much like you would bet on the results of a football match.

The process of placing your bet is the same as buying a ticket. They also create payouts to match EuroMillions breakdown prizes. In fact, everything looks how it would if you were to buy from an official vendor.

EuroMillions Rules

Looking to buy a EuroMillions ticket? Make sure you understand the rules first.

Firstly, the lottery follows a 5/50 and 2/12 format, which means you choose 5 main numbers from a possible 50 and 2 bonus numbers (known as Lucky Stars) from a possible 12.

The jackpot goes to the player(s) who hits all 7 numbers; players who match two numbers win the smallest prizes.

That's not all, either.

If you play EuroMillions UK, you may be added to the Millionaire Maker, a bonus game that is unique to EuroMillions UK. There are other bonus games available elsewhere as well.

The cut-off for sales is around an hour before the EuroMillions draw time. You may still be allowed to buy tickets after this time, but you should double-check to make sure which Euromillions draw they are for. 

Prize Structure of EuroMillions jackpot

You need all 7 numbers to trigger the EuroMillions jackpot. This jackpot is a minimum of 17m and often climbs above 50m.

If it's a SuperDraw, it can go as high as 190m!

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are just over 1 in 139 million, but the odds of winning any of the EuroMillions breakdown prizes are 1 in 13. This means that you would need to buy 13 tickets for the odds of a win to be in your favor.

Of course, you could also buy a ticket every week for a year and win on all of them or none of them. Those numbers are just the average.

To see all EuroMillions breakdown prizes, along with estimated (based on a rough average) payout, see below:


  • 5 Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars = EuroMillions Jackpot
  • 5 Numbers and 1 Lucky Star = 300,000
  • 5 Numbers = 30,000
  • 4 Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars = 3,000
  • 4 Numbers and 1 Lucky Star = 164
  • 4 Numbers = 58
  • 3 Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars = 104
  • 3 Numbers and 1 Lucky Star = 14
  • 3 Numbers = 12
  • 2 Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars = 19
  • 2 Numbers and 1 Lucky Star = 8
  • 2 Numbers = 4
  • 1 Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars = 10


The figures quoted are based on an average EuroMillions jackpot of around 50 million. The prize pool will dictate how big these prizes are, and this can change from week to week.

Use a EuroMillions checker to see how much money you have won, or consult the retailer/vendor. Prize information is available prior to the EuroMillions draw, but can be tweaked slightly by the time the draw has taken place.

Who Can Play, bet on the outcome and Available Countries?

If you use an online lottery portal then you should be able to bet on the outcome of EuroMillions all over the world. 

But here's the kicker

You will need to be at least 18 years old, and if you reside in a country where online gambling, and lotteries in particular, are illegal, then you are not able to play.

This is true even though EuroMillions is not being held in your country and even if your chosen lottery portal is operating with a legal gambling license.

If you want to buy a physical ticket, then you will need to reside in one of the official eligible countries, which are as follows:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom


But that's not all. There is one very important thing that many aspiring players miss:

You can play while on holiday!

There is a misconception that you have to be a legal resident of the aforementioned countries in order to buy a ticket. The truth is, there are no rules concerning nationality.

If find yourself in the UK, Spain, France, or any of the other aforementioned countries, you can buy a ticket just like the locals do.

Just remember this:

If you win, you need to cash your ticket in that country. So, if you're visiting France from Australia or China, make sure the draw takes place before you fly home. Otherwise, youll have to cover thousands of miles just to collect your prize!

We know what you're thinking

Surely this can't be a thing, right? When have you ever heard of a vacationer becoming a EuroMillions winner?

In actual fact, it has happened many times before. There are stories of players in Korea, China and Iraq winning big on US lotteries and then flying back to pick up their prizes. 

Some have also speculated that one of the biggest-ever Spanish winners may have been from the UK, as they bought their ticket in an area known to be popular with British tourists.

They chose to remain anonymous. But, if true, this means EuroMillions UK has produced more big winners than many other countries combined! 

More on that below.

Where to Buy EuroMillions?

You can buy EuroMillions tickets in thousands of locations. 

France, Spain and the UK are the biggest countries involved with this lottery. EuroMillions UK players are some of the luckiest in the history of the draw. At the time of writing, there are two UK players on the list of the top 5 biggest winners. The others are from Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

The list of the top 15 jackpots is populated by 4 UK ticket holders and just 2 French ones. 

However, the French have won more jackpots overall than any other nation. They have also claimed more prizes, accounting for just under a quarter of all EuroMillions payouts.

We know what you're thinking

But the French are not luckier. They just buy more tickets than players from other countries. The EuroMillions is huge in France, with payouts close to 10 billion since the lottery began.

How to Play EuroMillions Online?

The journey to becoming a EuroMillions winner begins with a single ticket, and the most convenient way to play is online by betting on the outcome of this lottery. 

Online EuroMillions work similarly to physical tickets sold at your local licensed retaileryou have the same chance of winning and you can secure the same prizes. 

But there are also a huge number of benefits to playing online, ones that you wont get by purchasing physical tickets.

We will discuss those benefits a little later. For now, all you need to know is that playing online is as easy as signing up, depositing, and choosing your numbers.

How Much Does a EuroMillions Ticket Cost?

The price of a EuroMillions ticket varies from country to country. In most European countries, it costs 2.50 and can be bought both offline and online.

In the UK and Switzerland, however, its a different story. Youll pay £2.50 to play EuroMillions UK, which means that depending on the exchange rate, you could be paying anywhere from a few cents to as much as 0.50 more.

However, there is a benefit to playing EuroMillions UK that few outsiders know about.

Here's the thing:

If you buy a ticket from a licensed EuroMillions UK vendor, you will be added to something known as the UK Millionaire Maker, which promises to make at least 1 extra millionaire every draw.

In Switzerland, the cost is CHF3.50, which is an average of between 0.50 and 0.60 more. There is no Millionaire Maker game here.

How to Choose Your EuroMillions Numbers?

The EuroMillions draw is completely random, which means every set of numbers has just as much chance of appearing as every other set. It seems inconceivable, but a ticket with 7 random and equally spaced numbers has just as much chance to win as a ticket with 7 consecutive numbers.

Players like to incorporate strategies or to personalize their EuroMillions number selection, but your odds of success are just as high with a Lucky Dip.

Here's an interesting fact for you:

If you place the same set of numbers on two consecutive lottery draws, your odds of winning both are 139 million to 1 x 139 million to 1, which is trillions to 1. However, if you win the first lottery at odds of 139 million to 1 and then use those same numbers to buy a ticket for the following week, your odds of winning again are 139 million to 1.

Which Numbers Are Drawn Most Frequently?

Some of the most popular search terms relating to EuroMillions, and any other lottery for that matter, concern the most popular numbers. Youll see search phrases like EuroMillions Best Numbersand requests like What are the Most Common EuroMillions Numbersappearing frequently on all major search engines.

We'll discuss some EuroMillions hot and cold numbers below and give you an idea of what the best EuroMillions numbers are.

The problem is, none of this really matters, and heres why.

Previous EuroMillions results have no impact on future EuroMillions results. Just because one particular EuroMillions number has been drawn many times before, doesnt mean it will be drawn this week, or next week, or the week after.

As mentioned above, your odds are the same for every batch of numbers, no matter how counterintuitive this seems.

Still, it makes for interesting reading, and there are some very interesting things to learn about hot and cold EuroMillions numbers. 

Keep reading to see these amazing stats for yourself.

EuroMillions Hot and Cold Numbers

  • In the first 7 years of the EuroMillions draw, there was a notable disparity between the most common and least common EuroMillions number. 28was drawn just 26 times in this period, despite there being over 370 draws, while 50was drawn 54 times!
  • In the 5 years after this period, 28became one of the hottest numbers and was drawn 67 times in 560 draws; 50was drawn 60 times.
  • The most common number between May 2011 and September 2016 was 10. This was seen an impressive 70 times. The least common was 41, which was seen just 38 times.
  • In 2019, when EuroMillions reached its 1,225th draw, 46was recorded as the coldest number, having appeared fewer than 100 times, 50was the hottest, with 145 appearances.
  • Based on the above, all-timestats, the coldest number appeared with a frequency of 7.8% while the hottest number appeared with a frequency of 11.8%.
  • At the time of the 1,225th draw, official statistics reported that 46was the least picked number, followed by 33, which was the second coldest EuroMillions number. This means players are studying the EuroMillions draw history to choose their numbers.


EuroMillions Hot and Cold Lucky Star Numbers

There are only 12 Lucky Stars. If you look back over the EuroMillions draw history, youll see the sort of pattern you would expect. 

12 has appeared the fewest times, but its also the newest EuroMillions number, as it wasnt used prior to September 2016. 10 and 11 are the next lowest numbers, but again, this is because they didnt appear for many years, after being introduced in May 2011.

At the time of writing, the most common Lucky Star was drawn just 3 times more than the second most common and 47 times more than the least common.

EuroMillions Draw History

If you do a little more digging, youll find some interesting patterns. Its nothing that can help you create a winning EuroMillions number selection strategy, but it makes for surprising reading.

Here's the deal:

The most common triplet numbers (5, 19 and 31) have appeared just 5 times in over 1,200 draws. We have yet to see the same consecutive number triplet (such as 1, 2 and 3) appear more than twice.

The vast majority of players choose their EuroMillions numbers randomly or by using favorite numbers, birthdays and anniversaries; a huge number of players choose either the most common or least common numbers, or a combination of the two. 

How to Check EuroMillions Result?

Most lottery websites can provide you with a complete EuroMillions draw history. This is a great way to check old tickets you may have dug out from your sofa or the back pocket of an old pair of jeans.

They typically show EuroMillions results from the most recent draws, but if you look through the archives youll find a EuroMillions draw history dating back years.

And dont worry if you have a winning ticket that is a few years old. You can still claim your winnings. Although, there is an exception.

This is something that all EuroMillions players need to keep in mind:

You have 180 days to claim your money. As soon as that period ends, the lottery organization is under no obligation to pay.

It seems harsh, but its true. In fact, millions of Euros go unclaimed on the EuroMillions every single year. Across all lotteries, that figure is in the billions. 

Its the only time youll ever feel sorry for a lottery winner!

Keep reading to learn more about claiming EuroMillions prizes.

How to Claim EuroMillions?

It's fair to say that weve all dreamed of winning the EuroMillions. That dream is followed by panic as we worry about what will happen if we lose the ticket. How could we ever live that down?

It happens, and its every bit as traumatic as you would expect. But its also very rare and there is a way you can stop it from happening altogether.

It's actually quite simple.

You just buy your tickets online. Think about it: not only is it more convenient, but it also creates a proof of purchase.

Tickets are fragile, secure data is not.

The Advantages of betting online on the outcome of the EuroMillions

We've already looked at a few of the benefits of playing the EuroMillions lottery on the outcome, but lets look at these in a little more detail:


  • Convenient: Ever found yourself sprinting to the store to meet the cut-off time? With online purchases, you can buy with the click of a button and set up automated subscriptions.
  • Variety: Your local retailer will offer EuroMillions lottery tickets and a few more games. An online retailer, however, will provide you with access to countless lotteries from all over the world.
  • Instant Results: The days of scouring the news channels to catch a glimpse of EuroMillions results are over. Online lottery portals display results as soon as they come in and some will also send you instant notifications.
  • Fast Payouts: You dont need to wait for the next day to get your money as online payments are instant. Use their EuroMillions checker feature to see how much youve won and then watch that money roll in.


That's not all

If you play the EuroMillions lottery online its much easier to start a syndicate or to join an existing one. Syndicates have existed since lotteries began and account for around a third of all lottery wins. 

An offline syndicate requires a manager who will collect the money, buy the tickets and allocate the winnings.

It's a chore.

An online EuroMillions lottery syndicate can automate this process. It ensures everyone pays their dues and is rewarded when their numbers come in. Play EuroMillions tonight with a syndicate and youll see just how much easier it is! 

You can share the joy and the burden, and you can buy more tickets while spending less money. Its one of the best ways to earn a shot at that EuroMillions jackpot without splashing the cash.

And it's all possible with online play!

If that's not an incentive to start playing EuroMillions online, we don't know what is.

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