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Wake Forest family celebrates a $2.000.000 Powerball victory

Powerball has been on a roll for over a month, without a jackpot winner in sight, but several lotto enthusiasts collected impressive prizes in the meantime. The latest addition to this fortunate group are members of the Primus family from Wake Forest, who recently collected a $2.000.000 windfall, after missing the jackpot by only one number. Try succeeding where they failed in the next Powerball draw – pick your lucky combination to end up with $177.000.000 in your pockets!

The golden ticket that brought $2.000.000 fortune to this North Carolina family matched the five main winning numbers 23, 32, 44, 48 and 50 in the Powerball draw on November 15th. Match 5 prize usually amounts to $1.000.000, but their ticket contained Power Play option so the cash rewards was doubled. Steddy Primus was the one who checked the numbers, and immediately called his mother who buys their Powerball tickets every week. After telling her they’re about to split $2.000.000, the Army veteran shared the news with the rest of their family.
“At first I thought something was wrong. We never call each other that early in the morning unless something bad happened,” said his aunt Eleas Ottley, who works as a nurse.

Primus’ daughter Chavonne, a software project manager, was worried after receiving his call and thought he’s playing a trick since “it wouldn’t be the first time.” Luckily for everyone, we was telling the truth and two women took home around $208.000 each after required state and federal withholdings. Primus collected $973.000, and said he intends to do the same thing as his daughter and aunt – pay off his bills and save the rest.

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