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What is Euromillions Superdraw and How Can You Take Part in it?

If you want to know more about Euromillions and its Superdraw, then you have come to the right place!

Euromillions is one of the most popular lotteries in the world and is actively played in Europe. Though, every once in a while, it hosts a “Superdraw” that offers a guaranteed 9-digit massive jackpot. Since there is a lot of buzz around the super jackpot, a lot of people would like to bet on its outcome. Let’s quickly understand how Euromillions Superdraw works in this post.


What is Euromillions Superdraw?

Superdraw is a massive jackpot that is hosted by Euromillions every once in a while. Though there are no fixed dates for the Superdraw, it is mostly hosted three times a year. What makes Superdraw unique is the guaranteed 9-figure jackpot that it hosts, irrespective of the outcome of the previous draws.

If the jackpot is not claimed, then it is simply rolled over to the next draw until the maximum cap of €200 million is reached. Once the maximum cap is reached, the unclaimed jackpot would be distributed to the winners of the lower tiers (and so on). This makes Euromillions Superdraw extremely rewarding and popular, not only in Europe, but in the entire world.


The Latest July 2020 Superdraw Results

In 2020, we have already seen two Superdraws taking place. The first draw of the year was held on 7th February with a jackpot of €130 million that was claimed by a Spanish ticket holder. The recent Superdraw took place on 3rd July and it also offered a jackpot of €130 million.

The lucky numbers for the July Superdraw were 4-16-27-37-39 with 3 and 6 as the lucky star number. As you know, in order to claim the jackpot, all the 5 + 2 star numbers have to be matched. Since there were no jackpot winners in this draw, it will be rolled over to the next one. Besides the jackpot, several other prizes in different tiers were claimed as follows.

Tier list



5+2 stars



5+1 star






4+2 stars



4+1 star



3+2 stars






2+2 stars



3+1 star






1+2 stars



2+1 star







How to Bet on the Outcome of Euromillions?

While Euromillions originated from Europe and is mostly active in major European countries, it is possible to bet on its outcomes from anywhere in the world. To do that, you can just visit a trusted platform like Multilotto. Simply use its mobile app or head to its official website to explore the various lotteries it supports.

Now, simply select Euromillions and proceed to create your lines. You can manually select the numbers of your choice or use its random number generator. Select the number of lines and simply complete the purchase. That’s it! Once you have got your Euromillions ticket, it will be sent to your account. In the end, you can view its results from Multilotto’s website or app. If you have won something, then a Multilotto executive will get in touch with you regarding the payout process.


As you can see, Euromillions is such a rewarding lottery and its Superdraw jackpot should not be missed. Keep an eye on the next Superdraw and simply take the assistance of Multilotto to bet on its outcome without any hassle.




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