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Who Won Lottery Jackpot for the Second Time?

Are you feeling lucky?


You should be if you’re planning to play the lottery. 

Did you know that the US Powerball, one of the world’s most lucrative lotteries, offers 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning the jackpot? And if you’re just angling to get a cashback for your efforts, you still have a 1 in 38 chance of collecting the lowest prize package of $4!


To put everything in perspective, let’s try a few examples:

  • There’s one in a million chance that you’ll be stuck by falling airplane parts.
  • There’s a one in 2,320,00 chances of being killed by the lightning.
  • There’s a one in 3,441,325 chance of dying after getting in contact with a venomous plant.


Here’s another scenario for you to consider. Imagine a large stadium with 100,000 capacity. As part of the marketing, the organizer will draw one lucky ticket holder who will own the latest iOS phone. Under these circumstances, you have a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning the prize. Here’s food for thought: Would you stay at the end of the program and expect the new phone? Going back to the US Powerball, you need to 2,992 more stadiums and include all those people as participants to the draw. Now, do you still believe that you can win the jackpot?


We know, the odds in winning one of the jackpots in the lottery is very slim. But it doesn’t mean that it will not happen. 

Yes, everyone has the chance to predict the winning lottery combination and collect an enormous jackpot. And it’s even possible to hit the lottery jackpot more than once! Yes, it’s possible and it can happen to you too.

Here are three real stories that prove the point that yes, we can win. And yes, it’s possible to win not just once!


Michigan man wins $4 million lottery prize twice

According to Mark Clark of Michigan, there are no words to express his shock and happiness upon learning that he won $4 million. Just this year, he purchased an instant game ticket, which he loved to play and won. In an interview, he shared that he visited the store and used an old coin from his dad to scratch off the ticket. Within a few seconds, he learned that he won the jackpot.

This isn’t the first time that Mark won in a lottery. About three years ago, he was at a gas station in Michigan and decided to play the lottery. He immediately scratched off the panel and to confirm, he asked for the help of the cashier. The clerk confirmed and informed him that he won $4 million.

(Source: nbc25news - by Mid-Michigan NOW Newsroom )


Meet Burnaby’s luckiest man

How does one community identify its luckiest resident? Well in Burnaby, British Columbia, the choice is simple - give the recognition to the man who won the lottery jackpot twice!

The name is David O’ Brien and he took home the local lottery jackpot not just once but twice. The first one was in 2016 when he participated in the Lotto 6/49 lottery. The luck struck again last June 20, 2020, when he played the Lotto 6/49 with a guaranteed prize of $1 million. To celebrate, the local news outlet shared that Mr. Burnaby and his partner enjoyed coffee and cake. And when asked if he will still play the lottery, he shared that yes, and admitted that he loves playing lottery games. 

(Source: Burnaby Now News)


2 Powerball jackpots in 6 months?

Hitting the Powerball prize once in one’s life is already a record achievement, but hitting it twice in less than 6 months? Well, it’s one lucky guy. That guy is Thomas McIntyre, a resident of Belleville who managed to collect $250,000 in the prize in last April 22 draw, his second big Powerball jackpot win. The first time that he won a Powerball prize was in October 1019 when he scooped $100, 000 for playing the lottery online. 

(Source: Michigan Lottery)


Yes, It Can Happen To You!

Much has been written about the unfavorable odds in playing the lottery. But one thing’s sure: just like other forms of gambling, you have a chance. And based on our examples, there’s even a chance to win it twice!


Register and Start Playing at Multilotto Today

It can happen to you if you take the first step today. 

There are several lotteries around the world, and each type of lottery has its own prize categories, ticket costs, and odds. And you don’t need to be present in different places just to enjoy the most popular lottery games. All you have to do is to sign up for an account with Multilotto and take a chance to win the prize. Multilotto, a website licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, offers betting on the outcome of the lottery and brings all the best lotteries under one platform. Whether you’re looking for the popular Powerball, Euro Millions, or Canada Lotto, all these are here for your gaming pleasure. Just choose your lottery, pick the numbers, and simply wait for results. There’s even an option to subscribe for lottery draws for 12 months. 


More than the availability of lotteries, Multilotto is all about the tools and services that help promote a meaningful gaming experience. The site tracks the latest jackpots and lotto results and allows players to receive SMS notifications. There’s even a Statistics section where you can check the latest winning numbers or the ‘hottest or coldest’ numbers for a specific lottery game. In short, Multilotto serves as your partner in making one dream come true!




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