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Winning Lottery by Accident: Life is Always Full of Surprise

Remember that iconic scene in the movie Forest Gump that starred Tom Hanks? While sitting in a park, he casually mentioned that ‘My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get’. Indeed, that’s the beauty of life as it presents us with surprises every day, some are good and some will challenge us. But there are instances when these surprises can be exciting, lucrative, and life-changing. Anything can happen, and for some lucky individuals, these were made possible thanks to one or two lucky lottery tickets. For some people, the lottery has been the source of inspiration. And for the lucky players, this game of chance has become a chance of a lifetime to live life to the fullest.


If you’re still a skeptic, then here some stories of pleasant surprises.


Man wins $2 million after mistakenly buying an extra lottery ticket


Imagine yourself buying a lottery ticket and realizing that you have purchased an extra ticket, with the same set of numbers. It’s understandable to be upset and this is exactly what happened to Samir Mazahem, 56, of Michigan. In a filed report, he shared that he’s saving numbers on a lottery app after purchasing a $2 lottery ticket for a June 9 draw of the Mega Millions lottery game. While checking out the app, he realized that he bought a second lottery ticket carrying the same numbers. Initially, he was upset for a short amount of time.


Then, he let go of the mistake and decided to check the app after the drawing of numbers. He found out he had two $1 million winners. It was one of the most surprising notifications that he had received on his smartphone. Just imagine, opening up a message telling you that you have won $2 million!

(Source: The Norfolk Daily News)


Winning lottery twice? Yes, it can happen to you


Here’s another version of a lottery player winning with the help of two lottery tickets. But compared to the winner from Michigan, this person knew he was about to win the lottery again.

According to CBC News, Mr. Andrew Burke was at the Fas Gas in Calmar, Alta. where he regularly purchases tickets and decided to ask the store clerk to check the ticket. The clerk did, and the other person in the store erupted in cheers. Then the owner entered the conversation and said, ‘have you broken any machine, Andrew?’ Mr. Burke, said he doesn’t know and asked what’s the issue. The owner then replied, ‘you’ve won $2.5 million’. You’d better check the other ticket because that’s a winner as well’.

Burke accidentally purchased two tickets for the September 16 drawing of the Canada Lotto 6/49 using the same set of numbers. In short, his two lottery tickets split the top prize worth $5 million. For Burke, two lucky tickets won the lottery, and it just happens he owns both of these.

So what would you do upon learning that you have won $5 million?

For Burke, he immediately called his wife and asked her to pick up some takeout for dinner.  As soon as she arrived, he sat her down and started a serious conversation.

“I have something to tell you,” Burke said. The wife assumed the bad news that he resigned or lost a job. He then continued about a story wherein his father imagined her marrying a millionaire (which never came true). He then added, ‘I got the next best thing, a man who spends money like a millionaire.' His wife refused to believe it. And on this note, Burke shared that great news that he had won five million bucks.

But instead of spending the money on expensive items like a Porsche 911, he plans to take the win in stride and just spend it on his home.

And this is exactly what happened. He kept his rural home, fixed his reliable Land Rover, and retired with his loving wife. Now, that’s one of the sweetest surprises that can happen to a lovely wife!

(Source: CBC  News)


Florida man thinks he’s won $1,000 but finds winning lottery ticket worth $1 million


One of the simplest joys in life is finding a crumpled dollar bill on the floor or discovering a few hundred bucks you have saved in a box. But what if that crumpled piece of paper is actually a winning lottery ticket? Well, that’s one surprise every one of us wants to experience at one point in our lives!

This is what happened to a Florida man who discovered a lottery ticket for $1 million in his pocket. According to the Florida Lottery, the winning lottery ticket was for the 200x The CASH Scratch-Off game.


Initially, Lee Wingfield, 63, of Tallahassee, thought that the ticket was for a $1,000 cash prize, which was a piece of great news for him. According to a press release, Lee then put the ticket in the pocket and just went with his usual daily schedule knowing that he would hand a thousand bucks in the bag. It was only later in the night that he thought about the possibility that he had more money in the bag.

He purchased the ticket from a Publix Super Market that’s located at 2111 Northeast Capital in Tallahassee. Well, Lee isn’t the only lucky person to earn this huge payout from the lottery. The story that sold the lottery ticket also earned a $2,000 commission for selling the winning lottery ticket. In this case, the surprise is not just on the holder of the winning lottery ticket. The seller of the winning lottery ticket also earned a pleasant surprise.

(Source: ORLANDO SENTINEL by Joe Mario Pedersen)

Who says life doesn’t offer exciting surprises?

If you’re a lottery player, there’s always a chance to win the jackpot. The odds may be tall but in life, anything can happen. And as that famous Hollywood movie tells us, it can happen to you!

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