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Woman who didn’t have enough money for her daily cup of coffee wins $20.000.000

Most people need a boost of caffeine early in the morning to get them through the day, but one woman from Sydney couldn’t afford this for a really long time. Her struggles are over and she can drink all the coffee she wants after winning an astounding $20.000.000 windfall. Is there something you crave, but can’t buy because money is tight? Win $335.000.000 in the next Powerball draw and you can have everything your heart desires!

The anonymous resident of Sydney said she was shocked after discovering she matched all the winning numbers in Australian version of Powerball on March 22nd. She started crying when her husband confirmed her victory after checking the numbers one last time.

“I logged in to my account. I couldn’t believe if it was true or not so I said I’ll wait and see if I get a phone call. I kept logging in and looking at it, thinking ‘Is it real? Is it not real?’ When I told my husband, I almost gave him a heart attack. I’m still pinching myself,” said the $20.000.000 winner.

Her young family has been going through a rough patch lately since the fortunate woman and her husband had a hard time juggling work and looking after their young children. The couple can finally put their financial worries to rest and buy a brand new home. They’re also thinking of running their own coffee shop!

“It’s come at the best time. It’s been struggle after struggle. I couldn’t afford a daily coffee then, but I might go buy a café now. I can’t believe this happening. I’m still pinching myself. This is just a dream come true,” said the lucky mom.

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