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Young couple to take care of their ill baby with a £1.000.000 Euromillions windfall

Adam and Amy Pryor went through a lot of hardships lately, after finding out their daughter has a serious health condition, which requires constant attention and frequent trips to London. Only a month ago investing money in her recovery seemed like an impossible task, but it all changed when the young couple discovered they’re the winners of a £1.000.000 Euromillions prize.

The newlyweds from Kent purchased a ticket with the winning UK Millionaire Maker code for the Euromillions draw on August 29th. After receiving an email informing him about the victory, Mr. Pryor didn’t even bother to read it, convinced they only won a couple of pounds, but it soon turned out a life-changing windfall was at stake.

“About an hour later I decided to log-on to my account just to see the amount and slightly bleary-eyed thought it was £1.000 until my sleepy brain processed that there were too many noughts and the win was a million,” recalled Mr. Pryor.

When he shared the lucky news with his wife, she just told him to shut up and stop being silly, but it didn’t take her long to realize he was telling the truth and what it all meant for their family’s future. Ms. Pryor had recently quit her job so she could take care of their eight-month old daughter, who suffers from a serious unspecified health condition.

"It goes without saying we would give it all back in a heartbeat if it meant that Charlotte's health problems would vanish but that's not possible so instead this money will mean that we can do our absolute best for her, now and for the future,” said Amy Pryor, and added they’ll use the prize to buy a family home that will meet their needs and new cars necessary for endless trips to London for expensive hospital appointments.

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