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Don’t forget about Mega Millions changes taking effect this Saturday

Mega Millions enhanced: Starting jackpots increase to $40M, bigger average jackpots, more millionaires

Mega Millions has been one of the most popular lottery games in the world for years, and even though many may think it’s impossible – it’s about to get even more exciting! Phenomenal changes will come into force on Saturday, promising bigger and faster-growing jackpots!

This game is going to offer its players with a minimum top prize of $40.000.000 (€34.000.000) and it’s expected that the jackpot will grow faster. In this new enhanced version of the game, the matrix is changing, too – players will be selecting five numbers from 1 to 70 (instead of 75) and a Mega Ball number from 1 to 25 (instead of 15). This re-design will also lead to a change in odds of winning. When it comes to jackpots, they increased from 1 in almost 259 million to 1 in about 303 million. Players will, however, have a better chance of winning a second tier-prize for matching the five main numbers, since the number of balls in the main pool decreased.

The last Mega Millions draw under the old format will take place this Friday night, offering the top prize of $30.000.000. It will be the last day of this game’s old era. The cost of Mega Millions tickets will double in stores but at Multilotto the price will remain the same.

Random pick rule

Due to the appliance of new rules which will decrease the number of balls to 70, any player that picked any number greater than 70 prior to 28 October 2017 will have a random pick applied to this number for the next draw to take place.

We at Multilotto wish a smooth transition to this new exciting model that Mega Millions just brought up, should you wish to receive further information or take further action due to that effect, we invite you to go to your dashboard or alternatively contact our Support team.

RELEASE DATE: 28/10/2017