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Everything you need to know about Cash4Life Lotto, jackpot, results, winning numbers and draws.

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Cash4Life is one of the youngest multi-state lottery games in the U.S. since it was launched back in 2014, but it already attracted millions of player with its compelling format and high prizes. In the very beginning, Cash for Life lottery was only available to players from New York and New Jersey, but as the time went by several other states joined in.
Cash4Life is played in a similar way as all other games with dual-matrix. Anyone who wants to participate has to select five numbers from the main drum with 60 balls, and one additional Cash Ball from the second drum, with only four balls to choose from. This leaves players with amazing odds of 1: 21.846.048 for winning the jackpot.
When you look at these rules, Cash for Life doesn’t seem any different from any other lottery game with two sets of numbers, but what makes it stand out is the way the prizes are distributed to Cash for Life winners. As the name of the game suggests, whoever manages to match all the winning numbers will end up receiving $1.000 a day for the rest of their life. Secondary prize for correctly guessing the five main numbers is also very impressive – getting $1.000 a week.
When it comes to collecting the windfall, the winner can pick annuity option, which means they’ll received jackpot prize shares or second level prize shares during their lifetime, or for the twenty year term of the guaranteed annuity portion, whichever is longer. If you don’t like the prospect of $1.000 landing into your bank account every day, you can always choose the cash option. The lump sum for the jackpot amounts to $7.000.000, while the winners of the second tier prize who want their money right away can expect $1.000.000.

€35 000 000
€17 100 000
€3 800 000
€22 900 000
€436 000 000
€4 500 000
€7 000 000
€46 000 000
€1 900 000
€8 500 000
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