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Everything you need to know about Finland Lotto, Finnish Lottery's jackpot, results and winning numbers.

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Finland Lotto

Lotto in Finland is dominated by the game Lotto Finland, also known as Lotto Suomi. Lotto Finland is played by picking 7 numbers out of 39. At the time of the draw, two bonus numbers are selected from the same lottery drum as the regular set. Because the Lotto Finland guess range is so small, it helps the lottery maintain great winning odds. We do not offer betting on Finland Lotto - but we can offer the bigger European lotteries Euromillions and Eurojackpot as well as a range of some other of the world’s biggest lotteries, which can be found here.

Finland Lotto

1 7 1:15 380 937
2 6 +1 1:1 098 638
3 6 1:73 242
4 5 1:1 476
5 4 1:88
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