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Everything you need to know about the National Lottery, UK National Lottery's jackpot, results, winning numbers and draws.

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UK National Lottery

UK National Lotto is the leading UK lottery, organized by the UK National Lottery organization which is also part of the larger trans-European Euromillions. We do not currently sell any UK lottery tickets apart from Euromillions - this is mainly down to the fact that the jackpots, although quite high, are dwarfed in comparison to lotteries such as Euromillions and the American Powerball lottery. The national lottery was founded in 1996 to help government fund charitable organizations and is actually world-renowned as a leader in charitable lottery funding.

UK National Lottery

1 6 1:45 057 474
2 5 +1 1:7 509 579
3 5 1:144 415
4 4 1:2 180
5 3 1:97
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