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Multilotto Casino School

Welcome to our Casino School!

It’s always important to feel safe when you enjoy a casino game and to play within your financial means. We commit to integrity, fairness and reliability when it comes to gaming, in order to ensure a responsible, safe and reliable environment for our customers.

The purpose of this manual is to provide you with a guide on how our casino and slot games are functioning and how you could change their settings based on your preferences.

1. Buttons and their functionality

Choose your own tailor-made betting settings based on how much you are ready to bet.

  1. 1 Coin value > The value of each coin that you plan to bet. It also works as as multiplier, meaning that if you double the coin value, your possible wins will eventually double.
  2. 2 Coins > Choose the amount of coins to bet per round.
  3. 3 Lines > Choose the amount of lines that you would like to bet for. The more lines you choose, the more chances to win.
  4. 4 Bet max > If you wish to have the maximum possible wins, then you must use the bet max option. Choosing bet max means that your coin, coin value and line settings are set on the maximum available.
  5. 5 Spin > You click on spin to play a round.
  6. 6 Auto play > If you wish to activate an auto play option, you have to click here. You could choose for example an amount of rounds that will be played automatically. You can also choose if you want this function to stop once your wins excess a specific value.
  7. 7 Bet > This field shows the total sum of your bet.
  8. 8 Paytable > Click here to see more information about the game’s winning combinations and prize structure.
  9. 9 Coins > You can see here the amount of playable coins based on your settings.
  10. 10 Balance > Your current balance.
  11. 11 Bet > This field shows the total sum of your bet in EUR.
  12. 12 Win > The result of your bet.
2. Congrats - you won!

Congrats! You managed to match a winning combination. Collect your winnings or gamble.

  1. 1 Win > Your prize shows the amount of coins you won.
  2. 2 Summary > You see an overview of your winning bet and the winning line.
  3. 3 Winning amount > The total amount you won shows in € EUR.
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3. Gamble and win 2x or 4x more!

When you choose to gamble, you get the chance to multiply your winnings. Depending on the game, you could double or quadruple your bet!

  1. 1 Choose color > Double your bet.
  2. 2 Choose suit > Quadruple your bet.
  3. 3 Previous cards & bets > You can see here the previous cards & bets.

Let's see what happens when you choose to gamble and you select a specific color or suit.

  1. 1 Chosen color > The color you chose.
  2. 2 Congrats!> The card matches your chosen color, you just doubled your bet!
  3. 3 Summary > The amount of coins you won.
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