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How to Avoid Bad Luck When Waiting for the Lotto Draw

We all know that there is no easy way to win the lottery. There are no strategies like there are in poker, no ways of swinging the odds in your favor like in blackjack, and unlike sports betting, no amount of knowledge will help you either. It’s all about luck, that mighty cosmic force that dictates whether you’ll stumble onto a fortune or off the end of a cliff.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. So, if you believe in the cosmic power of fortune and superstition, then make sure you avoid all these bad luck acts on the day you place a lottery line and the day the lottery draw takes place.

5 Ways to Avoid Bad Luck

There are thousands of superstitions, each seemingly crazier than the last, but there are a few that have endured longer than others and some that even make sense. So, to avoid bad luck before the lotto draw make sure you:

1. Don’t Walk Under a Ladder

This one dates back over 5,000 years and was first believed to be bad luck by the Ancient Egyptians, who were a dab hand when it came to superstition. They believed that triangles were sacred shapes (just look at the pyramids) and should not be desecrated or disrespected. When you place a ladder against a wall you create a triangle and by walking underneath it you are desecrating it.

This superstition endured because it was also incorporated into Christian mythology (a ladder was believed to have rested against Christ’s crucifix) and also because criminals would walk underneath a ladder on their way to the gallows in Medieval England.

2. Don’t Break a Mirror

If you break a mirror you get 7 years bad luck, but why?

Many ancient civilizations viewed mirrors with a certain reverence, including the ancient Greeks, who practiced something known as “catoptromancy”, whereby a sick person’s reflection would be studied and any distortions would be viewed as a sign of impending death or disaster.

broken mirror

This endured in Roman times and they took it one step further, believing that health changed in cycles of seven years and that a distorted mirror image was a sign that the next seven years would be filled with illness and misfortune. And of course, anytime you look into a shattered mirror your reflection is highly distorted.

3. Avoid the Number 13

If you want to win the lottery then all numbers are fair game but if you are superstitious then you might want to avoid the number 13. There is actually a recognized phobia known as “triskaidekaphobia” whereby sufferers are terrified of this number and it’s all down to the way it has been woven into European mythology over the last few thousand years.

It is believed to have originated in Scandinavia and has been widespread across Europe for centuries.

4. Do Not Open an Umbrella Indoors

This myth has several origin stories but the most likely is that it comes from Ancient Egypt, where umbrellas were used to shade against the sun and if you opened them indoors then you would be offending the sun god.

Also, these days we use them to stay dry and by opening them indoors you’re just going to have wet floors.

5. Don’t Step on Cracks

This superstition only dates back a couple hundred years and it’s not really known why stepping on cracks was thought to be bad luck, but it may have something to do with hell or the underworld, with the cracks being a sign that the ground is breaking and the demons are rising.

Whatever the reason, the superstitious among you will want to avoid those cracks.


10 Ways to be Lucky

The best way to avoid bad luck is to do all you can to get good luck on your side. So, after you’ve finished avoiding bad luck with the tips above, bring good luck into your life with the following.

1. If you Spill Salt, Throw Some Over your Shoulder

This superstition could be at least 4,000 years old. We’re not really sure why it began, but we know that salt was a prized commodity in ancient times and that spilling anything of such high worth was considered very unfortunate and unlucky. By throwing some over your left shoulder after doing this it is believed that you can offset that bad luck.

split salt

The theory we like the most about the reasoning behind this superstition is that the devil is lurking over your shoulder and by throwing it over your shoulder you are blinding him. It’s a neat idea, but if you want to avoid bad luck maybe you shouldn’t annoy the devil.

2. Hang a Horseshoe on your Door

The Greeks thought that iron possessed magical properties and could ward off evil and this, combined with the crescent shape, which was a symbol of good fortune, led to the use of horseshoes as good luck charms.

If you hang one on your door it is believed that bad luck and evil will not cross the threshold.

3. Look for the Number 7

If 13 is the unluckiest number then 7 could be the luckiest. The ancient Greeks believed this to be a very lucky number and it is a belief that has also endured in many other cultures, connected to the Christian belief that God rested on the seventh day, and the fact that several cultures have 7 deities.

4. Welcome Black Cats

The belief that black cats bring evil and death is one that has not done feline kind any favors, and that’s a great shame, because not only are cats amazing creatures, but the superstition is often misunderstood.

It is true that a black cat crossing your path has been considered a sign of bad luck (although this will be a daily occurrence if you own a black cat) but another superstition says that a black cat coming towards you is good luck while a black cat walking away is bad. So, start welcoming those stray black cats instead of scaring them away.

5. Knock on Wood

This belief still endures in many cultures and is linked with everything from the Christian crucifix, which was made of wood, to a belief that the hollow sound of knocking on wood could deafen evil spirits. That’s why you are supposed to knock on wood when you say or hear something negative.

Something like, “You’re never going to win the jackpot”, maybe.

So now that you know how to both avoid bad luck and embrace good luck, what are you waiting for? Bet on the outcome of a lottery and take your shot at a huge lotto jackpot like Powerball or Mega Millions.


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