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    About Multilotto


    Where Winners Play

    If you love lotto then you'll love Multilotto! We've got all the world's biggest jackpots, including giants from the US like Powerball and Mega Millions. Here at Multilotto you can take the chance to win millions every single day! We've also got over 350 world class casino games for you to enjoy! We accept a wide range of payment methods and offer fast and easy withdrawals too!

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    Payment providers

    • Bjarne N
      Plenty of excitement every wee..

      Plenty of excitement every week.

      Read more
    • Nils R
      The games give many opportunit..

      The games give many opportunities to an exciting dream world.

      Read more
    • Caroline H
      A good service that brings new..

      A good service that brings new possibilities.

      Read more
    • Hasse E
      A good site that keeps your dr..

      A good site that keeps your dreams alive.

      Read more
    • Göran W
      A strong competitor to the Swe..

      A strong competitor to the Swedish national lottery.

      Read more
    • Andreas P
      A very good site that has gath..

      A very good site that has gathered the possibilities to make your dreams come true

      Read more

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