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Which Lottery Has the Best Chance of Winning?

Everyone aspires to hit the lottery jackpot. However, winning the lottery is not easy. Not all lotteries available to you feature the same design and mechanics. Lottery games vary in terms of jackpots, secondary prizes, and more importantly the lottery odds and jackpot odds. To improve your chances of winning the jackpots, then it pays to learn about the different options available to you. 

Specifically, you should know the best lottery game that offers you the best chance of winning. In this guide, we take a look at the different lotteries and your odds of winning. As they say, knowing is half the battle.

Differences Between Lottery Odds and Jackpot Odds

In most European countries, playing the lottery is legal. Players are not just given the chance to purchase tickets to predict the outcomes of the draws. In European lotteries, you have the option to choose which lotteries to play. However, each lottery game is unique with its own appeal. You will find different types of lotteries and they often vary in terms of ticket costs, amount of jackpots, and schedules. More importantly, they differ in terms of lottery odds and jackpot odds. As a responsible player, it’s best that you know the difference between the two odds. More importantly, you should know the best lottery in Europe that offers the best chance at the prize.

You might be wondering: What’s the difference between lottery odds and jackpot odds?

Lotteries do not require a skill. Every draw is random. Now, your chance of winning is your ‘odds’. Say you play in a lottery game with a pool of 9 numbers and you need to pick 9. In this game, your chance of collecting the jackpot (or correctly choosing all 6 numbers) is 1 in 14 million. This refers to your jackpot odds or your chance of hitting the lottery jackpot. Other games have worse jackpot odds, like 1 in 176 million! The lottery odds, on the other hand, refers to your chances of winning any of the prizes in the game. Aside from the multi-million jackpot, all lotteries also offer secondary prizes. 

You might be asking now: What are the highly recommended lotteries with the biggest odds? 

In the section below, we list down the most popular and highly recommended lotteries at least in terms of the best odds of winning.

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Ranking Biggest Lottery Odds and biggest jackpot odds 

The amount of jackpots is the primary motivator for many when it comes to choosing the lotteries to play. While a multi-million pot is appealing, it’s also best that you consider how the odds will work (or not work) in your favour. Here’s a quick look at the leading lotteries that you play today, ranked according to your odds of winning any prize:

1.   French Lotto. This lottery schedules draws three times a week and offers one of the best lottery odds in the industry. Your odds of winning any prize in the game is 1:6.

2.   UK Lotto. This is the leading lottery game in the United Kingdom and offers you odds of 1:9.3.

3.   Austrian Lotto. With prize money of €1 million, this game comes with a favorable odds of winning at 1:12.

4.  Euro Millions. This lottery comes with one of the biggest prizes and jackpots. In winning any prize, you have a 1:13 odds.

5.  Euro Jackpot. First drawn in 2012, the Euro Jackpot has consistently offered the best odds set at 1:26.

6.   German Lotto. This national lottery of Germany offers players with a 1:31 lottery odds of winning any prize.

7.   Irish Lotto. This national lottery of Ireland hosts up to two draws a week and features odds of 1:29.

8.  SuperEna Lotto. This is the premier lottery in Italy and one of the oldest in the business. SuperEnalotto offers you a 1 in 22 chance of matching two main balls or roughly 1 in 20 to collect a cash prize.

9.    Powerball. Founded in 1992, the Powerball is the biggest lottery not just in the United States but also the rest of the world.

10.  Cash4Life. As the name suggests, the prize is available for life. Your top prize in Cash4Life is €1,000 a day for life!


As you can see, the lotteries listed above offer the best odds of winning any prize. But if you are looking at the jackpots, well, your odds change significantly. And the jackpot odds vary depending on what lottery to play.

Here’s what you should know:

In practice, you have lower jackpot odds if the base jackpots exceed €1 million. But the good news is that you can increase your chances of winning during draw time by knowing about the top lotteries that offer you the best chance of collecting the top prize.

Do you want to learn more? If yes, check out our ranking of the best lottery games with friendly jackpot odds!

1.    Mega Millions :    1:302, 575, 350
2.    Euro Millions :      1:139, 838, 160
3.    Euro Jackpot :      1:95, 344, 200
4.    SuperEnaLotto :   1:622, 614, 630
5.    Powerball :           1:292, 201, 338
6.    Irish Lotto :          1:10, 737, 573
7.    Swiss Lotto :        1:31, 474, 716
8.    La Primitiva :        1:139, 838, 160
9.    El Gordo :             1:31, 625, 100
10.  Austrian Lotto :    1:8, 145, 060

Here’s the kicker: As the prize increases like in Mega Millions and the SuperEnaLotto, the jackpot odds worsen as well. But if you set your sights on lotteries with a significantly lower jackpot, your jackpot odds improve. And this is exactly what you can expect with Irish Lotto and Austrian lotto. 

So before you play the game, ask yourself. Do you prefer to play for better odds with lower jackpots or go for lower odds but with some of the highest jackpots in the business?

Choose Your Favorite Lottery

As mentioned, the top lotteries in Europe and the rest of the world come in different types. And these lottery games often vary in terms of jackpot prizes, the secondary cash prizes, and the jackpot odds. Before you jump right in and purchase your tickets, it’s important that you should practice research and due diligence. And if you have a hard time choosing the best game for you, our guide and pointers below can serve as your inspiration in choosing which lottery to play next.

Choose a lottery that offers the best lottery odds. The best approach is to choose a lottery game that offers the best lottery odds. This means selecting the national lotteries that give you the best chance of winning any of the prizes outside of the jackpots. For the best lottery odds, you can’t go wrong with French Lotto and UK Lotto which offers friendly prize breakdown.

Choose a lottery that offers the best jackpot odds. This refers to your chances of winning the promised jackpot in the draw. Based on the list described above, you can check out Austrian Lotto and Irish Lotto.

● According to the promised jackpots. For many players, the main motivation is the amount of jackpots available. For the best breakdown prizes and jackpots, you can rely on the promises of Powerball jackpot, Mega Millions jackpot, and Euro Jackpot. These are the lotteries that consistently deliver at least €10 million in prize every draw.

According to ticket costs or personal preferences. Sometimes, the choice of which lottery to play depends on the cost of the ticket and personal preferences. You may want to consider the draw time or schedule of Powerball drawing.

In the choice of which lottery to play, each player has his own set of needs and preferences. At the end of the day, what matters is to enjoy the experience of betting on the outcome of the Powerball or Euro Jackpot drawing.

Do you want to know the best part?

You can bet on the outcome of your preferred lottery using a popular gaming platform that offers you access to tools, resources and provide real-time lottery results. This is where Multilotto comes into the picture.

 Choose number-Powerball


Bet Online With Multilotto

Multilotto, a lottery platform licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offers players a chance to access and bet on the outcome of different lotteries from around the world. As a one-stop hub related to anything lotteries, Multilotto offers lottery results and access to top lotteries. Also, the website covers some of the leading lotteries in Europe and the US from Mega Millions, Euro Jackpot to Powerball. Furthermore, Multilotto offers a brief guide on every lottery available. If you have questions on how much do you win, how many numbers do you have to have, or the current jackpots, the site has these and more. Hence, Multilotto can serve as your gaming destination for all things related to lotto.

As a fully-licensed secondary lottery platform, Multilotto delivers the following benefits:

Safe online purchases. The website is fully encrypted and currently supports credit and debit cards and e-wallets. Also, it offers safe fund transfers even when betting on the outcome of lotteries using the iOS and Android app.

Massive choices of nearly 60 different types of lotteries. Whatever lottery game rocks your boat, you can be sure that you’ll find it here. Multilotto currently supports the crowd-favorites like Mega Millions, Powerball, and SuperEnaLotto. Also, the website offers Irish Lotto, Norway Lotto, and Poland Lotto. In addition, the website also boasts different ways to play from Single Game to Group Play.

Use of Random Number Generator (RNG). As a fully licensed gaming platform, Multilotto commits to fair gaming outcomes at all times. It covers games that use the RNG technology that’s regularly assessed.

Efficient results checker. Multilotto maintains a section where it publishes current lottery results. This section offers real-time updates of the results.

Statistics analyzing. The site also features different statistical analyses for different lotteries. By checking the map, you will find the common numbers that are often drawn in a specific type of lottery. This map is updated in real-time so you will get fresh information to help you make informed bets.

Lottery is one of the best games to play thanks to its excitement and the number of jackpots involved. But you can make the experience more meaningful by playing it in a responsible manner and with proper guidance. The next time you want to bet on the outcome of lotteries, consider doing it at Multilotto. The site does not just provide you access to lottery games with the best lottery odds; it also gives you access to tools and resources that can promote informed and responsible gaming.


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