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What Are Online Scratchcards & How To Play Scratchcards online

Online scratchcards are a common feature at most online casinos these days. But what are they, how similar are they to their offline variants, how can you buy scratchcards online and what can you win?

We look at all of those points and more in this guide to online scratchcards.

What are Online Scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are instant win games that take the form of scratchcards. They use random number generators to determine the outcome of a basic game, returning a variety of wins to the player in exchange for a bet that typically ranges from £1 to £10.

The most basic online scratchcards are virtual recreations of their physical counterparts. There are three lines of three squares, each of which is hidden. You press the squares to reveal them and if you find three of the same symbol or number then you win a prize.

Most cards use the same basic setup, with areas that need to be revealed and can return prizes when they are, but there are some more advanced online scratchcards that operate more like the bonus rounds found on Videoslots such as Book of Dead or Mega Moolah.


Slot fans tend to enjoy them because of this, and those fans will also be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a connection between modern online slots and classic scratchcards.

The very first scratchcards were created as instant win lottery lines back in 1974 by a company named Scientific Games Corporation. That company, founded only one year earlier, now own WMS Gaming and Bally Technologies, which means they own some of the biggest and best online slots in the world.

How to Buy Scratchcards Online

You can find an assortment of online scratchcards here on MultiLotto such as Scratch Ahoy, Panda Gold and Express 200. You can buy these as soon as you have an account, at which point you just need to deposit some money, choose your cards and then begin.

There are a number of online scratchcards to choose from and they all operate fairly, under the supervision of regulators. They all use something known as a Random Number Generator, which is basically a computer program that runs through a series of complex calculations in order to arrive at an outcome that is 100% random and fair.

It’s like throwing a dice to decide what you are going to eat. If it’s a one, you have pizza. If it’s a two, you have salad, and so on. These rules are determined at random as soon as you press “Start”, at which point the dice is rolled, the outcome is decided and at no point prior to that happening did anybody know what was going to occur.

The difference here is that the “dice” has millions of sides and thousands of them point towards you winning high amounts of money, thousands more will give you smaller amounts, and the rest will give you nothing at all.

Also, none of them will force you to eat salad.


What to Win by Playing Scratchcards?

There are a multitude of prizes to win by playing on scratchcards. It all depends on the type of card that you bet on, which in turn depends on how much you want to spend and what sort of odds you want to shoot for. Scratchcards have far better odds than say the Powerball Lottery or Mega Millions.

Typically, the greater the prize, the smaller your odds of winning will be or the more you will have to pay per bet. But most online scratchcards have some kind of jackpot to win.

This goes back to the early days of scratchcards, when they were basically instant win lottery lines and were created by the same organisations that created lotteries.

Each game is different and there are many different ones to explore, but if it’s good odds and big wins you want, focus more on the basic cards. Big graphics and bonus features tend to be used as distractions.

Bet on the Latest Scratchcards Here at Multilotto

On the MultiLotto website you can find a host of different online scratchcards from several different developers, but we only have online scratchcards that are all about the wins and the good odds.

There are online scratchcards with jackpots ranging from €25,000 to €250,000, depending on how much you want to spend, and there are also some mini games, express games and more. Most of these use the basic format—just scratch, reveal and try to get three of the same symbol anywhere on the scratchcard.

You can win up to 100,000x your stake, and if you want you can also try it out for free before betting real money and taking your chance.

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